My favorite food

Earlier this week, Dewi ask me about my favorite food. And I could not give her a direct answer. I could only tell her about things I wouldn’t eat. And when I think about it, I just realize that I am a picky eater. There are so many things that I would avoid putting it in my mouth. Some of them caused by stupid reason.  Here are those unfortunate foods :

  1. Some type of mushrooms ( I feel I will get dizzy after eating it)
  2. Bell pepper ( I won’t touch it. ever)
  3. Dragon fruit ( It taste like….plants * I know it’s stupid)
  4. A collaboration of onion, cheese, and meat in one sweet bread/bun ( It can make me nauseated)
  5. Savory bread (especially floss and chopped meat. Tuna bread is acceptable)
  6. Ice cream ( I enjoy eating it very rarely, most of the time I don’t. why? because it’s make my stomach cold wahaha. yes I know, it’s an absurd reason)
  7. Jam (it’s sticky. I hate it)
  8. Not fresh seafood ( I’ll have an upset stomach. And it is really painful). So most of the time, I avoid order cuisine with seafood. My motto is : only eat seafood in sushi shop or everywhere near the sea
  9. Lamb and sheep meat ( Can’t stand the smell)
  10. Spicy food ( I am working on it. So my spicyness level would be on the normal line)
  11. Potato in clear soup. I am ok with any potato other than this. I don’t know why really
  12. Cake. I rarely able to finish one slice of cake by myself. I really can’t enjoy heavy cream. Or any cream in this case. So if I said that some cake is delicious, believe me that it must taste superb.
  13. Milk Chocolate ( the sugar and milk are too much)
  14. Fried vegetable ( I reaaally hate oily vegetable. I despise them wkwkwk)

There are also some kind of food I can eat just recently because I succeeded to overcome my hatred toward them :

  1. Banana (I used to hate the flavor.Now it’s tolerable. And I like it because it make my stomach full but light. But,  I absolutely can’t eat pocky banana or anything with banana flavor, I can’t stand even only the aroma)
  2. Catfish ( because of a horrifying story about how people raising catfish. I can never forget what my elementary school teacher said. And I refuse to share it here. Because it IS really scary)
  3. Eggplant ( because after cooking, it looks like catfish *yes, I am that illogical)

And now, because this post is about my favorite food. Of course I’ll have to mention about food that I like to eat. These are foods that I looooove :

  1. Dark Chocolate. I am obsessed with it! 50% is the min and max 99%. I prefer bitter chocolate than the sweet one. Every time I eat dark chocolate, I feel happy. It is fantastic.
  2. Strawberries and Mango. Basically I love fruits. But these two are the ones I love the most. In this last two months it’s really hard to find strawberries, and I was really sad. Combination of strawberries and chocolate is super magical. It is not tasty. It IS magnificently delicious! and about mango, I love it too. When it’s in the season, I can eat three mangoes a day.
  3. Seaweed. (savory and tasty, whether it dried or not, it’s still delicious)
  4. Half-boiled egg (melted in your mouth!)
  5. Dim sum ( I love all kind of dim sum except chicken feet)
  6. Tobiko : flying fish roe. It is small and tasty. Neta can’t understand why I love this so much.
  7. Chuka idako and octopus. Chuka idako is special seasoned baby octopus. I really love it. But, sometime I am sad after eating it because I feel like I am an evil predator.
  8. Sushi : I love sushi alright. But I can not enjoy sashimi
  9. Gyoza : My favorite is the one from Ichiban sushi
  10. Salted duck egg : I just like it
  11. Yogurt : It is sour! LOOOOOOOVEEE IT
  12. Green tea ( Ocha not matcha) : Matcha is ocha + milk. I like matcha but not all of them. Some matcha have too much milk.
  13. Mi Aceh : the spices are remarkable. I especially love the pickled shallots

Oh! it ends up as a looooong post. ahahaha talking about food is always fun



My family has a unique history regarding shoes.

And it’s kind of funny

When I was in Junior high school, I often forget things ; my books, my uniform, my homework.

And in this post I want to tell you the most absurd thing I forgot.

One day, I forgot to check whether I have used the right pair of shoes. Ahaha. Yes seriously! My right foot were wearing shoe with shoelace and the other didn’t! Absolutely different type of shoes. Do you know how I feel that day? I felt like super idiot ahahaha

No wonder people in angkot (public transportation) were stealing glance at me. And I thought  that I am unusually cuter that day. Really, what a moron. As soon after I realize my grave mistake, I ran to the public telephone and dialed my home number. Half crying, I asked (read : forced and threatened) my Papa to bring me the right pair of shoes. Oh, I can’t forget that day, I was trying so hard to hide my feet at class. Now, it’s kind of funny really.

It’s not just me. My Mama has similar experience too! She went to a wedding party (!!!!) with unmatched shoes on her feet. Different color, similar model. Well it’s not as stupid as my experience, but still.

And don’t forget my sister. She wore stranger shoes home. Why? Because it has similar model. The stranger  mistaken my sister shoes as his and wear it and bring it and maybe he hasn’t realize until now. What I fail to understand is, his shoes is far bigger than my sisters. How could he not realize that its not his shoes?

I knew it, it runs in the family.




Good things

Hi there! I know I am not as diligent as I promised XD

But it’s not because I didn’t write at all. I already have three draft, but it is either too long or too  absurd so I haven’t posted it yet.

As you can read on the title. It’s about good things. This is a continuous post, I’ll update it periodically.

I’ve told you that I’ve been depressed. Now I think it’s not because I am unfortunate but, I am being ungrateful ( Maria, you ingrate!). Yes, I am sure now that I was being ungrateful.

I forget about the blessings I am enjoying now. I only focus on my dissatisfied insolent mind

I might giving you a glimpse about what I’ve been feeling that make me so dysfunctional. I don’t want to move. I don’t want to talk. Sometimes I don’t want to breathe. My mind is constantly dark. Smiling is impossible. Many things that previously fun is not interesting anymore.

Writing this, doesn’t mean I’ve recovered fully. But at least I am taking a baby step toward brighter place. I discover again my love for Jason Mraz song, PIU, novels, writings, food and so on.  It feels like falling in love all over again. But I have to be careful. Because feelings are fragile.

That’s why I am still limiting myself from contacting certain people. Not because I hate them. But in my present state of mind, talking with them will worsen my condition. Because I am weak now.

Now, I want to list good things in my life :

  1. I have parents and sisters ( meaning I am not alone) |20 Sept|
  2. I am alive ( if I’m dead, I’m not alive. Not alive = dead)
  3. I am healthy ( Not healthy is painful. I’ve been hospitalized often enough to know it well)
  4. My body works as how it should ( despite how I often neglect it, thanks body, you rock!)
  5. My mind works splendidly ( I am grateful that I realize what happen to me, so I can take the counter measure, and that’s thanks to internet)
  6. I live peacefully ( meaning : there is no war around me, and I am not terrorized, thus I am not afraid for my life)
  7. I have understanding friends (closer than ever now: neta, dewi, adlina, adila)
  8. I have food at home (meaning I am not starving)
  9. I have plenty of spare time ( meaning I can watch movie, reading comic, or do whatever I like)
  10. I have money (meaning if I can control my spending, I can play PIU everyday)
  11. I am living at my parents house ( meaning I don’t have to look for shelter when its raining)
  12. I can cook (meaning I can make my favorite food whenever I like)
  13. I have lots Jason Mraz songs (meaning I can enjoy it every time)
  14. I have this blog ( meaning I can write anything I want)
  15. Dunkin donut is near (meaning I can get hot chocolate whenever I want *not much)
  16. Bojunct is only one angkot away ( meaning I can get dark ghana easily)
  17. I have lots of nail polish (meaning I can start playing with color soon)
  18. Today I can enjoy a ride on Moli (mobil listrik) around campus
  19. Today is raining and I love rain
  20. Today I can play 10 songs on PIU X)
  21. In near future I’ll buy strawberries  (I’ll tell you about it)







The Amazing Dewi

No, I didn’t write the title wrong. The Amazing Dewi, not the amazing spiderman.

So this is not a movie review. Ahahaha. Sorry to disappoint you, but for someone who does not really like watching movie, it would be too early by 1000 years for me to write a movie review.

What I will tell you here is a story of friendship.

Over one and half year ago ( I forget the exact time), I met a not-really-new friend, she was Dewi. I’ve already knew about her  since my second year at the college. But with me being so elegant (according to her) and differences in our hobbies, we were in the different circle of friends.

What I know about her then is that she is a fun loving girl,  she got loooots of friends, a little bit annoying ( I don’t know where I got this), and that she comes from different kind of world from mine.


Dewi, before our destined meeting

So when  she suddenly said that she want to join a research project I was a part of, it stunned me a bit. Why? Because I knew this project is a  difficult and long one. I didn’t expect her to be so willing doing something this hard. I, myself was not so sure I can finish the project safely. And my doubt is right, if Dewi was’t my research partner, I am sure, I  might still struggling in the lab. Or maybe, I would have drop this project ( I am that stupid)

Oh, and we did this research with our other friend, Bagus. I will tell you about him later. or maybe I won’t. hohohoho *evil laugh . Well, I will mention about him here and there in this post. Because it’s impossible to erase him from our journey ( I feel really cruel now) ahahaha

After giving her enough warning, and she still wanted to join, we started our journey. Our research is about emergency food in the form of canned food. I made canned chicken curry while Dewi made canned kidney bean


Hi there~~~

Being in the same project, we know each other better. And there came the time when she finally realize that, I am not the person she thinks I was. Well, it is kind of funny for me when she complained that I should be elegant ( which I am not), charming ( well I am), mature ( Oh, please) and independent ( who is that?). Ahahaha apparently I am all the opposite she believed to be. It’s good that she know the truth earlier, or I would pity her forever.

As for me, I know now  that all my earlier impressions about her are right except that Dewi is definitely not annoying. In fact, we are kind of similar ( in the term of craziness and fun-loving). When working, Dewi is really systematic, she got the notes of what she’ll be doing today, the next day, the next week, maybe until the next year XD. Dewi is confident, and talk a lot ( in a good way). She can be calm in a situation where I would be running around panicking.


Doing some reaaaally important things

As said in her blog (emillia-bahry.blogspot.com) , we believe that we are two lucky girl who carry the noble duty as the cutest (me) and the most amazing (Dewi) in the whole universe. Thus we are called Macu (Maria Lucu) and Dena (Dewi Mempesona). I know this paragraph is cringe-worthy, but I believe you are stronger than that. Stay with me, ok? From now on I will use our precious predicate to refer on me and Dewi.

There are things that we both love; playing PIU (pump it up), Valent, cute pets, food and Robert Downey Jr. We would go play PIU whenever the stress start going up or whenever we want. OUR objective is to master level 15 – 20 (right, Den? Ahaha). Valent and cute pets are our new-found similarities.We often kyaa-ing and swooning over their pics on IG. Robert Downey Jr is our forever love (maybe), because he is just…..hem…loveable wkwkwk. Well,  we adore other people too, Cijimi for Dena and Jason Mraz for me.


Sweaty after playing PIU

There are also new things she teach me; karaoke ( she is my forever karaoke partner), watching movie ( that’s why I am a novice) and some new songs I should know. Dena favs : Shut up shut up shut up (forget the title), adelle (something to do with fire), simple plan, and many more~~~

Dena is famous for her love for salty food. So I think her favorite food is salt (kidding, den, or maybe not?) I know for sure she likes Mi Aceh (me too), she likes spicy food too, oh she likes mi menteng (mi ayam, I think). Her favorite food at Sapta is “mi goreng dobel pake rawit yang banyak ya teh”. She is not a picky eater but she hates sweet cuisine. Dena likes bright color and she loves red the most. But she also has a lot of soft pink and tosca (or is it turquoise?) clothes and hijab. She loves blazer, I just knew it.


No. I don’t know what we were doing

It is quite unbelievable to me that I can get a bestfriend in a really short time. But there she is, Dena. With Dena, I can talk rubbish and its fine. And she never get angry or tired if I start a nonsense discussion ( may be she was, but it’s so subtle that I didn’t realize it, or may be I just plainly ignore it). I think she has the same level of weirdness as me, if not higher wahahahaha.

The most important thing is she hasn’t kill me for whatever annoying thing I’ve done. And that alone is already a miraculous achievement. I know how incredibly annoying, irritating and aggravating I can be. I, myself, sometime just want to pinch my own cheek (but it would hurt so I didn’t)


with Ecu

Has Dena ever made me mad?

Nope, never. If so, I would have cut my contact with her ( I am that unforgiving). She is the one who has to be suuuupeeeer patient regarding my unique ( maybe) antics. So if anyone ever get mad to the other, it should be her doing that. Hahahaha

I am really grateful that God has given me the chance to know you, Den. I know I promised this post since like three weeks ago. But many things happened, and you already know them. Thank you for being there when I was at my lowest, ugliest, silliest state. I am still amaze you still have the patience and has not left me. I just want you to know that I appreciate all the things you have done for me, even when I didn’t realize it. You are a really great friend. So the title the amazing Dena really suits you best.

We went through lots of things.There are still many things I want to know about you so bear with me a little bit more! Like hundred years more X)))

Remember trying to find cans supplier and told that we have to buy at least 10 000 cans?

Remember facing the most impossible person on earth (you know who) and still survive ?

Remember bullying Bagus all the way to and from BSD (and basically every time we meet him)?

Remember cheering me up when my tab disappeared with the wind? LOL

Remember you being so sure about graduating together while I was so pessimistic?

Remember last year on this date,  when you force me to apply make up and we went to have a photo session at Sokbun?

And like that date, today is your BIRTHDAY

I know you said that it matter less and less to you. But I can not agree with that, because this is the second birthday since we are friends. At least it matter that much 🙂

I wish you happiness on your every step in life.

I wish you a healthy and long life.

May God grants you more of His blessings this year.







Just recently, my aunt gave birth to a cute little girl. Seeing baby and children always got me thinking. And I conclude that parents are brave.

Why did I say so?

Because having children is a big responsibility. You are not only have to feed them, you are also responsible for raising them right. And I think that’s the difficult part. Because however hard you try, there are many factors that can affect your children. Not only you. Not only home. You will not have 100% control.

Being a parents is a irreversible thing. There might be  lots things you can’t enjoy anymore due to your child presence. You can’t be tired and choose that you don’t want to be a parent anymore. Your children are already here, you can’t pretend  they are not. You can not be a crybaby because you are not a baby anymore. You already have a baby.

There ought to be lots of worries. Am I doing it right? Is it the best for him? Will she become a good person if I do this? How would I pay his schooling? What is her talent? and so on, and so on

With this many problems, why people still want to be a parent?

May be that’s what our instinct as human told us to do

May be because a child presence can bring joy so great it’ll overcome all those drawbacks I mention earlier.

May be because children show us about how  fun living is, how  beautiful the world is, how  exciting smiling is. Because we as adult tend to forget those things.

Or may be raising someone your own is not a problem at all

Well, I don’t know the exact answer because I haven’t had the chance to be a parent yet. So all I wrote above is only my baseless thoughts.

But my initial opinion hasn’t changed. Parents are brave. They are also kind. And selfless. Because I am sure, they’ve made a lot of sacrifices to bring us where we are.

Thanks ma, pa, for being my parents.






As promised I will write as often as possible

So here it is, my third post today! jengjengjeng~~~~ XD

I’ve said that I have too much time in my hands. So when I am not too mager ( laziness so acute, until the point you only spend your energy on breathing) being potato on my bed, I am hanging out on cafes. Oh! and I also cooking and trying new recipe. I will write about it tomorrow (if I am not mager).

In this post I will tell you about the cafe I visited recently. It was called Maraca : sipping books and reading coffees.

As you can see from the tagline, this cafe offer you the experience of drinking coffee in a library ( well, it comes out wrong).

Maraca has this large bookshelf with lots and loooooots of books there. They have novels, comic books, magazines and textbooks  *if you are feeling diligent. On my first visit, I found my all time favorite, COLORING BOOKS! I’ve been drooling on those coloring books at Gramedia. But because I know myself too well ( I will probably color two or three pages before losing interest) , in the end I didn’t buy it.

In all my two visit, I work on this bird surrounded with leaves drawing. Either the color is too detailed or I am too lazy, I haven’t be able to finished it ( total working hours : 8 hours).

Oh! I almost forgot. When talking about cafes, we should relay information about the menu too. ahaha.

They have all standard beverages you would find in these kinds of cafe. They also provide many kinds of brewing methods. * I don’t really understand about this. I like their americano and long black. Better and cheaper than a coffee shop I know (I am sure you know it too XD)

What really fascinating about this cafe is their food. Their cakes are reaaaaaaaalllly good. I am not a cake lover, mind you. And I always prefer savory to sweet. Only in Maraca I can really enjoy a cake. Not too sweet, perfect serving portion.


Browsing (because their wifi is super fast) and coloring (that’s the drawing I am working on)