My favorite food

Earlier this week, Dewi ask me about my favorite food. And I could not give her a direct answer. I could only tell her about things I wouldn’t eat. And when I think about it, I just realize that I am a picky eater. There are so many things that I would avoid putting it in my mouth. Some of them caused by stupid reason.  Here are those unfortunate foods :

  1. Some type of mushrooms ( I feel I will get dizzy after eating it)
  2. Bell pepper ( I won’t touch it. ever)
  3. Dragon fruit ( It taste like….plants * I know it’s stupid)
  4. A collaboration of onion, cheese, and meat in one sweet bread/bun ( It can make me nauseated)
  5. Savory bread (especially floss and chopped meat. Tuna bread is acceptable)
  6. Ice cream ( I enjoy eating it very rarely, most of the time I don’t. why? because it’s make my stomach cold wahaha. yes I know, it’s an absurd reason)
  7. Jam (it’s sticky. I hate it)
  8. Not fresh seafood ( I’ll have an upset stomach. And it is really painful). So most of the time, I avoid order cuisine with seafood. My motto is : only eat seafood in sushi shop or everywhere near the sea
  9. Lamb and sheep meat ( Can’t stand the smell)
  10. Spicy food ( I am working on it. So my spicyness level would be on the normal line)
  11. Potato in clear soup. I am ok with any potato other than this. I don’t know why really
  12. Cake. I rarely able to finish one slice of cake by myself. I really can’t enjoy heavy cream. Or any cream in this case. So if I said that some cake is delicious, believe me that it must taste superb.
  13. Milk Chocolate ( the sugar and milk are too much)
  14. Fried vegetable ( I reaaally hate oily vegetable. I despise them wkwkwk)

There are also some kind of food I can eat just recently because I succeeded to overcome my hatred toward them :

  1. Banana (I used to hate the flavor.Now it’s tolerable. And I like it because it make my stomach full but light. But,  I absolutely can’t eat pocky banana or anything with banana flavor, I can’t stand even only the aroma)
  2. Catfish ( because of a horrifying story about how people raising catfish. I can never forget what my elementary school teacher said. And I refuse to share it here. Because it IS really scary)
  3. Eggplant ( because after cooking, it looks like catfish *yes, I am that illogical)

And now, because this post is about my favorite food. Of course I’ll have to mention about food that I like to eat. These are foods that I looooove :

  1. Dark Chocolate. I am obsessed with it! 50% is the min and max 99%. I prefer bitter chocolate than the sweet one. Every time I eat dark chocolate, I feel happy. It is fantastic.
  2. Strawberries and Mango. Basically I love fruits. But these two are the ones I love the most. In this last two months it’s really hard to find strawberries, and I was really sad. Combination of strawberries and chocolate is super magical. It is not tasty. It IS magnificently delicious! and about mango, I love it too. When it’s in the season, I can eat three mangoes a day.
  3. Seaweed. (savory and tasty, whether it dried or not, it’s still delicious)
  4. Half-boiled egg (melted in your mouth!)
  5. Dim sum ( I love all kind of dim sum except chicken feet)
  6. Tobiko : flying fish roe. It is small and tasty. Neta can’t understand why I love this so much.
  7. Chuka idako and octopus. Chuka idako is special seasoned baby octopus. I really love it. But, sometime I am sad after eating it because I feel like I am an evil predator.
  8. Sushi : I love sushi alright. But I can not enjoy sashimi
  9. Gyoza : My favorite is the one from Ichiban sushi
  10. Salted duck egg : I just like it
  11. Yogurt : It is sour! LOOOOOOOVEEE IT
  12. Green tea ( Ocha not matcha) : Matcha is ocha + milk. I like matcha but not all of them. Some matcha have too much milk.
  13. Mi Aceh : the spices are remarkable. I especially love the pickled shallots

Oh! it ends up as a looooong post. ahahaha talking about food is always fun


2 respons untuk ‘My favorite food

  1. What has the potato in clear soup done to you? Why on earth you discriminate them?! And….. WHAT MAKES THE POTATO BECOME SO MUCH DIFFERENT WHEN IT IS PUT IN A CLEAR SOUP? WHY YOU HATE THEM?! *throwing macu out of the window* *inhale exhale*

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